Wooden windows are a classic. They will make your house more secure compared to glass windows. They also have a rustic aesthetic that increases the curb appeal of your home. However, when cold weather blows in, the windows in your home will suffer from condensation. This usually leads to the appearance of ugly mildew stains on wooden windows.

There are several ways of dealing with mildew that grows on windows, but preventing mildew from appearing in the first place is always the preferable approach. To prevent mildew from appearing on your windows during the cold season, ensure that your house is adequately ventilated.

If this does not prevent mildew from appearing on the windows, do not despair. There is an easy way to eliminate the mildew: Use a dry sponge to clean the affected areas, then rinse off the window with a wet paper towel.

After this initial treatment, you will need to wash the affected area with warm water and soap.

To ensure that the mildew does not persist, consider treating the mildewed area with bleach. Using your sponge and approximately 240 milliliters of bleach in five liters of water, thoroughly scrub the affected area. You need to rinse out your sponge frequently in clean water to guarantee that the bleach works effectively on the mildew.

Allow the bleach to stay on the affected area for several minutes in order to kill all of the mildew. When you are sure that you have killed all the mildew, rinse the window with paper towels. If you have a heater, direct it toward the window in order to thoroughly dry the area.