James Hardie

James_HardieMany of Gravina’s customers request James Hardie products for their siding needs, as he has gained a reputation as the world leader in fiber cement siding and backboard.

James Hardie and his team of professionals have engineered a system tailored to the many climates of the United States, including that of our home state of Colorado. When you elect to install James Hardie fiber cement siding, the exterior of your home will truly be suited for anything Denver weather brings.

James Hardie fiber cement board is a composite of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers, making it stronger and more durable than aluminum or vinyl. Unlike basic wood siding, it’s naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and fungus – and, it’s fire and flame resistant, which will provide you with a true sense of safety.

Fiber cement board comes in a variety of factory pre-finishes, but unlike steel, vinyl, or aluminum, you may also choose to paint it in any way that will fit your home and your personal style. Only minimal maintenance of paint or cleaning is required, and James Hardie fiber cement board comes with a limited 30-year warranty.

The installation process requires the removal of old siding, make it a bit more expensive than vinyl or steel, but the consensus of our customers is that over the years, James Hardie fiber cement proves more cost-efficient, durable, safe, and beautiful than any other siding.