If you think that the only window in your house requiring total privacy is the bathroom window, try living in a bustling neighborhood or in a home that’s squeezed together tightly with the neighbors’ houses.

Privacy under these circumstances can be a real problem; and unfortunately, throwing blankets, blinds or drapes over the windows will not give you a lasting solution to your predicament. You need to know how to make every window in your home completely private under such circumstances.

Frosted windows are one of the most common solutions to this problem. You can also use stained window film, which will ensure that your windows are kept private and that there is enough light passing into your house. From a distance, stained window film resembles tinted glass. Not only is the final result from this method effective and sleek, but it is also highly cost-effective compared to getting blinds and drapes for every window in your home.

An alternative to the stained window film is to use peel and stick window film. Several brands of peel and stick window film are available on the market. All peel and stick films are semi-clear and will distort the view into your house. Meanwhile, the thin layer of film will allow sufficient natural light to enter into your house.

Another alternative that can work is to have laced curtains over your windows during the day. These will offer effective privacy as well as light during the day. At night, you will have to go back to the blinds and curtains; but this is still preferable to leaving a clear view through your windows right into your home.