If you’re planning to redecorate your home for spring, a change in window coverings can do wonders for any room. Want to try this extremely easy makeover trick? Here are four window treatment trends to consider trying this season on your windows:

1. Velvet – Velvet might seem like a wintery material, but it ideal for spring draperies because of the unique way it catches the light. To keep things from looking too heavy, go with a pastel color or light grey.

green-sheer-window-treatments-portland2. Sheers – Strong yet neutral colors like dark grey and deep brown make beautiful sheer window coverings in any season. Another popular trend to consider testing out is combining and layering two tones of sheers.

3. Extra-long fabric that hits the floor – You know how a pair of pants that just skim the floor look way more chic than ankle biting trousers? The same goes for your window coverings. Let them hang low and puddle a little on the floor for an elegant look appropriate for the more formal rooms of your home.

4. Fun patterns – Window coverings don’t always need to be serious. In fact, a bold animal print can be the perfect contrast to an otherwise starkly decorated room. Fun patterns like zebra stripes and colorful graphic prints are going to be popular this spring so feel free to get creative with your choices.