Homeowners: At Gravina’s Windows & Siding, we are with you for every step of your window replacement and window care journey. If you’ve recently purchased windows from us or are thinking of upgrading, review our FAQs for details about ENERGY STAR® qualifications and warranty details. 

DYK? You can extend the life of your windows by caring for them properly. Read on for our five most common window care questions to help you become a seasoned homeowner. 

Window Care Question #1: Can I paint my window? 

A: It depends. We don’t recommend painting over vinyl window replacements, as it will void your warranty and the paint will peel from the vinyl. Fortunately, we offer a wide selection of colors for your window replacements. If you have wood windows, they may require yearly staining to keep them looking fresh. If you aren’t sure about your vinyl, wood, or fiberglass window maintenance, drop us a line. We are always available to answer questions! 

Window Care Question #2: How do I clean my single- or double-hung windows? 

A: First things first, it’s important to note that cleaning the inside of your windows and the outside are different. We recommended washing both sides, twice a year. For the inside, start by vacuuming the panes to remove any dirt build-up. Be sure to pop out the sash or sashes in your single and double-hung windows for an even deeper clean. Next, using elbow grease, water, and newspaper, wipe the glass from the top-down to prevent unsightly streaks. For the exterior, we do not recommend using a power washer as the intensity of the water could damage the window components. Please use caution when cleaning upper-level windows.

Window Care Question #3: How do I clean casement or awning windows? 

A: Most cranks are made from stainless steel and other materials that are rust-proof — however; unscrewing your crank every year can help prevent dust collection. To clean the exterior of your casement or awning windows, wipe the glass with water and newspapers for a streak-free surface. To clean the interior of your window, you’ll want to open the awning or casement as wide as possible and proceed to clean the interior as normal. Don’t forget to remove the screen for a rinse. Window care protip: Let the screen completely air dry before replacing. 

Window Care Question #4: Why is there condensation? 

A: Condensation occurs when warm, moist air from inside your home comes into contact with your cool window surface. This is good news, as it means your home is keeping the warm air in! This type of condensation appears when the dew point is higher than the temperature of the glass. However, if you have triple-pane windows and you see condensation, there may be a fault with the window — please contact us!

Window Care Question #5: What if there is something else wrong? 

If you are having a problem with your new Gravina’s windows, contact us for servicing. If you purchased windows from us more than two years ago, we can still help — but you may be charged labor fees. For non-Gravina’s purchased windows, we are happy to diagnose any problems during our free in-home consultation

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