Denver is known for its harsh weather. Residents can experience over 50 inches of snow per year, and temperatures in summer can reach into the high 90s. With such a variation in weather throughout the year, it’s little wonder that our homes take a hammering. The exterior siding can suffer from buckling, bending, cracking, fading and general wear and tear. When you’re house proud, this is a real cause for concern.

When the time comes to take matters into your own hands and choose the right replacement siding in Denver, you need to ensure it’s as ready to tackle harsh weather conditions as you are. Failure to invest in quality replacement siding can result in the same problems you’ve faced year after year. Maintenance will be never-ending, and you’ll forever be opening your wallet to make repairs. But how do you know what can be considered the best replacement siding in Denver? Below we’ve listed three good options that can be purchased and installed from the expert team at Gravina Windows & Siding.

Replacement Siding in Denver

Fiber-cement Siding

When you’re looking to find the best replacement siding in Denver, fiber-cement siding is certainly a good option. Not only is this mix of sand, cement and cellulose fibers cost-effective for recladding your home, but it’s also aesthetically-pleasing and comes with a range of benefits for all weather conditions. It’s stronger than aluminum and vinyl, can be painted to suit your current décor and is even flame and fire-resistant. The best part is, wild wintry weather will never be a problem. Unlike standard wood siding, fiber-cement siding is mold, mildew and fungus resistant, and it’s engineered for long-term thermal performance to increase your home’s efficiency.

Harsh summer conditions can also cause havoc with your siding and house cladding, but fiber-cement siding is manufactured to withstand the harshest summer sun Denver can produce. You will surely be impressed by what Gravina Windows & Siding can offer.

Vinyl siding

Unlike old vinyl panels which crack and become brittle in harsh weather conditions, our new high-grade vinyl is a premium product with a lower price tag than fiber cement. Here in Denver, we’re blessed with gorgeous summers, and while we love to sunbathe and soak up the rays, our homes generally don’t. Therefore, when you’re looking for cost-effective replacement siding in Denver that’s both attractive and beneficial, vinyl siding is a good option.

Resisting damage from UV rays, our vinyl siding is designed to be low maintenance and versatile to suit a range of homeowners. Install it over your existing siding in order to add an additional layer of insulation. If this isn’t an option, we can insulate your home’s exterior in order to give your home increased energy efficiency. Our vinyl siding comes in a range of colors, is exceptionally durable, and in most cases, comes with a lifetime warranty. Built-to-last and looking stunning at the same time, there’s every reason to consider vinyl siding for your next home renovation project.

Steel siding

In extreme cold or extreme heat, our homes can suffer immensely. Dampness and moisture from wintry conditions can cause siding to rot, while intense heat can cause it to crack or warp. If you’re tired of fighting a never-ending battle with maintenance, why don’t you choose steel replacement siding in Denver? Strong, durable and available with lifetime warranties, steel siding is an option preferred by many.

One of the biggest benefits of using steel siding is its durability. It’s available in many colors and styles, and is energy efficient to seal the deal.

Denver is full of house proud people looking to give their properties a new lease on life. Let Gravina Windows & Siding help you achieve a new level of house pride. Get in touch with our friendly team today to get installation underway!

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