Casement Windows and Awnings

Casement Windows

You may recognize casement windows and awnings from European homes, including those beautiful old-style buildings in Denmark and Sweden, or on the island of Crete, where residents enjoy the fresh air wafting in from the sea. While you may associate them with architecture from another century, we can give you the essence of the old world with a new generation of durability and strength.

Casement windows hinge on the side and open vertically using a crank system. Today’s generation of casement windows use stainless steel hardware that won’t rust or corrode. This hardware will also allow the windows to crank and lock effortlessly. A multi-point locking system is now standard, guaranteeing superior security over other operating window types.



Similar to casement windows, awnings allow air to flow in at an ideal angle, bringing a light breeze rather than a gust. The difference? Awnings hinge at the top and open horizontally. Like casement windows, these windows offer maximum performance against air leakage, making them energy efficient and budget-reducing.

Casement windows and awnings can be installed as stand-alone window units, or they can be installed as part of a bay or bow window. All casements are available with egress hardware to meet building code requirements, and depending on the manufacture, they can be customized in several different hardware finishes including brass, satin nickel, and bronze. Blinds between the glass are also offered in select manufacturing lines.

Casement windows and awnings feature benefits beyond durability, strength, and style. Cleaning becomes simple – just extend the window to its full opening capacity, and both sides of the glass become accessible. That means no more awkward attempts at reaching the other side of the glass. The folding handles bring you unobstructed ease of use while also protecting you from break-ins. Because casement locks are hook-shaped and embedded into the window frame, they are literally untouchable, making your home a safer place for you and your family.