Happy Halloween from Gravina Windows! Tonight is the night for dressing up and getting the most candy you possibly can! According to CBS Denver, here are the top neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in Denver. Have fun and be safe. 


If the assumption is that neighborhoods with wealthier homes give out more candy, then Hilltop would be one of the best spots to visit for trick-or-treating. This neighborhood is one of Denver’s wealthiest and is bordered by Colorado Boulevard, Severn Avenue, Alameda Avenue and Monaco Parkway, with Cranmer Park running through the center of the neighborhood. The homes are beautiful as well, so you’ll enjoy strolling this lovely neighborhood with your kids. Also be on the lookout for the Annual Hilltop Halloween Parade, which usually runs in Cranmer Park the weekend before Halloween.

Congress Park

This populous neighborhood allows you to hit multiple homes that are all quite close together, making it perfect for trick-or-treating. York Street, Colfax Avenue, Colorado Boulevard and Sixth Avenue border the neighborhood, so it’s a large square that you can easily walk. In addition to all the close homes, you’ll also find the Botanic Gardens and Cheesman Park in this area, but it is the homes you’ll be visiting on Halloween. Congress Park is always a favorite place for the holiday, with a lot of great decorations on display and several homes that really get into the spooky spirit. When the streets fill with kids in costume and all the porch lights go on, it’s like a scene out of a lovely Halloween movie.

Cherry Creek

Based on that same “money means more candy” philosophy, then Cherry Creek should also be on your list of Halloween stops. As one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the state, Cherry Creek is home to a lot of beautiful homes and places for trick-or-treating. The boundaries of this neighborhood have grown, but generally Cherry Creek is the area between University Boulevard, Colorado Boulevard, Seventh Avenue and First Avenue. That large square is home to a lot of huge homes and several blocks for prime candy time. Grab your pillow cases and your walking shoes and make Cherry Creek one of the stops for your spooky night.

Washington Park

Another great place to stop on Halloween night is the Washington Park neighborhood. This beautiful area is found between Downing Street, I-25, Cherry Creek and University Boulevard, with the huge Washington Park in the middle. Similar to the Congress Park neighborhood, Washington Park is an area with a lot of homes in close proximity to each other, maximizing your candy-to-walking ratio. Add the fact that the Washington Park homes also often get into the Halloween spirit, you’ll find lots of fun decorations and beautiful homes to see as you walk your kids from door to door. Plus, since it’s such a popular place to visit, you’ll see lots of other kids and parents while you are out.

Country Club

You certainly can’t talk about the wealthiest neighborhoods in Denver without also bringing up the Country Club neighborhood. This is the smallest neighborhood on this list, with the least number of homes (only 380 homes in the entire area), but it is also one of the richest, which continues the theory that people with more money have a larger disposable income for the purpose of purchasing candy. The Country Club neighborhood is found from First Avenue to Third Avenue and from Downing Street to University Avenue, so it is also close to a lot of the other spots on this list. But, even if you don’t get that much more candy, you’ll certainly enjoy walking this beautiful neighborhood as you pack up and head to Congress Park or Washington Park.

IMG_1176.JPGSource: http://denver.cbslocal.com/top-lists/top-neighborhoods-for-trick-or-treating-in-denver/