There’s a common misconception that bow and bay windows are the same. However, that couldn’t be further than the truth. Some bay windows will suit a Denver home beautifully, while in others, they may not quite look the part. The same can also be said about bow windows. When you’re in the market for new Denver windows to complete the look in your home, find out below whether bay or bow windows are the most suitable option. The answer may just surprise you.

Bow or Bay Windows


What Is A Bow Window?

If you want your Denver windows to be more of a feature in your home, with an aesthetic appeal that lights up the room, then a bow window is what will suit your requirements the best. Bow windows feature either four, five, or six panels and are encompassed by a seat and headboard. They are rounded, add a feature to any room in your house, and have double hung operators on either end. What’s more, there is typically extra insulation under the seat board and beautiful wood finishes such as cherry or light or dark oak.

What Is A Bay Window?

A bay window, while similar to a bow window, adds an entirely different feel to a room. While they are also available in a range of wood types such as cherry or oak, they usually extend more outwards of a room, not dissimilar from having a room extension.

A Denver window installation expert installs them as three windows joint together with a headboard and seat, and this is typically at a 15, 30, or 45-degree angle. Like bow windows, extra insulation is added, along with the option of adding blinds between the glass – depending on the manufacturing line. In essence, bay windows can offer the illusion and reality of a more extensive space, while providing plenty of room for cozying up with a book or using the area as a display for your cherished ornaments.

Why Choose a Bow Window?

There are a number of reasons why you may ask a Denver window installation expert to install bow windows over bay. The most common reason is, of course, natural light. Bow windows tend to allow more natural light to show through while giving homeowners a closer look at nature which can be beneficial for your mental health. As you can often choose between casement or sliding Denver windows, bay windows typically provide more ventilation options.

Other reasons for choosing to add a bow window opposed to a bay window is how much additional space they offer. Small rooms may benefit from a bay window when it’s compact and small, providing an illusion of depth and space, and a nook in which to sit and relax.

Why Choose a Bay Window?

Bay windows can be typically chosen when you decide to replace a large window in your home. Rather than opt for another large, one-dimensional Denver window that doesn’t add anything other than light and views, you can choose a window that adds depth. Bay windows have three joins at different angles.

They let light in from all sides and become a nook in which you can relax with a book. Other options include adding lighting and items you wish to display. The best part about bay windows is that you can choose many different styles and functions to suit your home.

When you’re looking for new Denver windows for your new or existing build, get in touch with a window installation expert. They can help you decide whether bow or bay windows are the perfect fit for your home.

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