Depending on your personal style and taste, you may want to consider the extra dash of elegance that a French door can add to your home. Gravina’s Windows and Siding are also leaders in Denver door installation and are prepared to help you add this beautiful enhancement! But before we get started, here’s a little more information and some answers to questions that might be on your mind. Let’s figure out if French doors are the right choice for you!

french doors in denver colorado

Can I Replace a Single Door With French Doors?

Good news – you absolutely can! While it’s true that a French door is typically about twice as wide as a standard door, the experts at Gravina’s will widen your doorway to allow it to be fitted with the French door you’re dreaming of. Some electrical rerouting might be necessary, but never fear – we’ll work with you to determine what changes will need to be made.

Just How Wide is a French Door?

When you work with Gravina’s, that’s really up to you! The standard size for an exterior French door is 72”x80”, but Gravina’s will work with you to customize the perfect door to fit your home and your fantasies. We offer two-paneled, three-paneled, or even four-paneled doors, with the option for both active (opening) and inactive panels.

What are the Perks of a French Door?

There are many reasons to consider installing French doors in your home! Besides the elegance these doors provide, here are some great reasons to take the leap:

Open Space

Having two hinged doors allows you to expand the sense of your living space. When you prop your doors open and step out onto your patio or balcony, your home will take on a feeling of vastness.


French doors, especially glass-paneled ones, are a great way to let more light into your home. Draw back the curtains in midday and the light will flood in. Replacing an existing door is easier than installing an entirely new window, so if you’ve been thinking you need more light in your home, this might be the way to go!

Personal Style

French doors are a great way to express your personal aesthetic. Showcase your sophistication with this gorgeous addition. The Gravina’s team will also help you select a door handle that suits your unique taste, so by the time we’re done, the project will have your style written all over it!

Consult the Leaders in Denver Door Installation

In addition to being your go-to team for windows and siding, the experts at Gravina’s are ready to help you with Denver door installation or replacement you may need. Whether indoor, outdoor, French, or otherwise, turn to the Gravina’s team for consultation and top-notch work. We can’t wait to help you achieve the home of your dreams!

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