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Winterize Your Home With Help From Gravina’s

Aspens in the Rockies are starting to take on new hues. Mornings in Denver have that extra little chill in the air. And the sun sets earlier and earlier with each passing day. With autumn upon us, it’s time to transition your home’s duties from heat protection to keeping cold weather at bay. Denver winters can be unpredictable, but ensuring your home is prepared for any seasonal scenario will provide peace of mind while preventing potential havoc caused by the elements. Our fall checklist will set you — and your home — up for success as cooler temps make their
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Which Style Is Your House? Get To Know Your Home’s Architectural Design 

A house is more than just windows, doors, walls, and a frame — whether you know it or not, lots of thought went into its design and construction! The architectural style behind your home’s design and aesthetic helps reflect the unique personality of those who live there — plus it also boosts that all-important curb appeal. Identifying the style of your house can help you get a feel for which upgrades or additions could complement your home’s architecture while remaining aesthetically-consistent with the period during which it was built — especially when it comes to choosing door and window upgrades.
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