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Choosing Steel Siding Is the Right Move For Your Home

When you’re replacing the siding of your beloved home, you want a product that increases your home’s value, decreases its need for maintenance, and reflects your unique style with solid curb appeal. Gravina’s is the company you trust with your windows and doors, but what about siding? Don’t worry! We’ve got you — and your house — covered. Comparing fiber cement siding (FCS) and steel siding highlights three points to demonstrate how steel edges out fiber cement for the win. Both steel siding and FCS are known for their resilience, longevity, and attractiveness. Both are high-performance, flame-resistant, and withstand nature’s
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The Benefits of Steel Siding: Meet Our Valued Manufacturers

Siding — the material that goes around your house to protect the walls of the structure from weather, rodents, insects, and mold — comes in various materials including vinyl, fiber cement, and steel. Each offers a particular set of benefits and a certain level of upkeep. The best siding for your beloved abode depends on your primary build, your environment, the home’s location, and your desired levels of care. At Gravina’s, we offer several siding manufacturers ranging from  maintenance-free steel to fiber-cement and vinyl. Steel siding, in particular, emphasizes beauty, strength, and sustainability as an exterior material. Read on to
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Quick and Easy Curb Appeal

One of the best ways to create a lasting first impression with your home is to focus on the details. It’s important to pay attention to features like edging, color coordination, and hardware inorder to present a unified outward appearance to your neighbors or potential buyers alike.Whether you’re sprucing up a house to sell or simply want to add lovely touches to your ownhome, read on for a few quick projects that are sure to boost your curb appeal and leave youwith a striking and memorable facade. Many home improvement resources correctly recommend painting your front door as a quick
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