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Doing Historic Window Replacements Right Part 1

From city monuments that tell a treasured tale to older residential homes with delicate antique features, historic window replacements present unique challenges and require a developed skill set and knowledge base to preserve the structure’s integrity and charm. Gravina’s proudly possesses the necessary expertise to get the job done carefully and efficiently —  read on to learn more about what it takes to keep your historic home as cozy and authentic as possible.  Knowing When to Repair vs. Replace Historic buildings and homes seem to capture a moment in time. Their charm and mysteries are alluring, but — because of
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Recycling Your Holiday Decorations for Trendy Year-Round Style

It’s always a sad day when you have to say goodbye to festive holiday decorations — especially when you put in all that effort crafting the perfect look. Wishing there was an easy way to keep little pieces of Christmas around all year long? With a few strategic tips, you can repurpose that festive flair, separate the reds and greens, and keep spreading cheer in your home long after the season ends.   Year-Round Wreaths Many adorn their windows and doors with these classic decorations, making them a mainstay of the holiday season — and while it’s tempting to simply
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