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Denver Window Types You May Not Have Heard Of

The population of Denver is growing at a rapid pace, with more and more families choosing to move to what they consider to be greener pastures. With rapid growth comes the need to build more houses, as well as renovate existing homes to suit those exact families. While you might be busy focusing on paint colors and final touches, don’t forget to pay attention to your Denver windows. Windows can turn a standard home into something fabulous, and there’s no reason why your new or existing home shouldn’t stand out from the crowd. If you’re unsure what’s available other than
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Triple Pane vs. Double Pane Windows

New windows are in your near future. You’ve measured your windows and are now ready to look for the perfect fit for your home. Windows may be a huge upfront cost, but if you play your cards right, your windows can pay for themselves. While Colorado’s charm is the four seasons, having all four in one week can wreak havoc on your home’s temperature. In Colorado’s crazy spring snows and blazing summer and fall heat, keeping the cold and heat outside and regulating temperature inside can change your energy bills. Picking energy efficient windows can save you between 25-40% on
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